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The Top 7 Online Casino Crimes

March 10, 2017 • By

Anyone with interest in casinos will be aware that they often fall foul of crime. There is so much money in casinos at any one time that they are a clear target for criminals. In fact, anyone using online casinos and games is going to be at risk from crime, especially online. There are a lot of reasons why this could happen, but, one of the main ones is that we underestimate the power of cyber crime these days.

Many people think it won’t happen to them or assume that the casinos or games they’re playing run on a secure server. However, this is often when they are the most vulnerable to criminal activities. You have to make sure you do whatever you can to avoid online scams and traps, and that you keep yourself and your money scam-free. Here are seven things you need to keep your eyes peeled for, and be sure to avoid.

Phone Calls

Mobile gaming is hugely popular these days, but it’s important to be diligent. There are so many scams out there pertaining to mobile gaming. One of the best-known is when people download a game to their phones that contain a code which secretly dials long-distance numbers. Imagine receiving a crazy expensive phone bill for calls you didn’t even make! Be aware of exactly what games you are downloading, and research them thoroughly first. It’s not worth the hassle of downloading something that risks corrupting your device.

Social Media Credits

Social media sites play a massive role in our lives these days, and you need to look out for games that incorporate social media. One of the biggest scams these days exploits users playing social networking games that involve collecting credits. Players will receive so-called emails or special offers saying that they will earn free credits for viewing ads etc. Of course, this isn’t actually the case people will be charged a monthly fee for their trouble. Be careful and always make sure you read the fine print before signing up for anything.

Downloads Scam

Always be conscious of what you are downloading, especially when gaming. There are so many offers and options for online games these days. And package deals where players can pay a one-off fee for unlimited access to games is appealing. But, scammers have taken advantage of this surge, and, as a result, have begun to trick a lot of gamers. Con artists are offering fees for unlimited downloads of games for popular consoles like Xbox. However, all they actually provide are links to dodgy torrent sites. Steer clear!

Online Casinos

We all know how popular gaming at a casino online is these days, but, with it comes risks. Because of the regulation in place for online gaming, it leaves players susceptible to cons sometimes. For instance, many players have to channel their money through a third party, and sometimes play on casinos outside of their home country. Many of these are genuine and legitimate, but some are not. So you need to be careful that your money and private information is not being used or exploited. Make sure you only use reputable casinos, and always reads other people’s reviews and experiences first.


Phishing is the practice of obtaining sensitive and private information through nefarious means. And this is something you are genuinely at risk from with any sort of online gaming. But, that shouldn’t put you off; it simply means you need to be more careful about what you do. Phishing via online games is hard to spot because it’s often within the game. For instance, you may receive an email asking for a password change, only to log in and find you are blocked from your account. The scammers will use the opportunity to download your credits or virtual money within a game and sell it online. This is something that happens a lot with MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft.

Virtual Assets

That brings us to the next scam which is similar to phishing. This is the sale of virtual assets online. Sometimes you want to bolster or increase your chances in a game by buying online credits for your account immediately. The problem is that much of the time the credits you can buy or trade with people are usually stolen. Worse than that, they may not even exist sometimes! So, don’t even think of doing this sort of business. Instead, make sure you play the games properly and build up your own credits over time.

Video Game Testing

It sounds amazing, right? Getting paid to sit at home all day and play video games! Well, the basic rule applies here that if something seems too good to be true, it’s because it is. This is one of the classic “work from home” scam jobs. Where victims are told that they can earn hundred of dollars testing video games. You won’t be paid. It’s a scam. Ignore it, and try to get a job like this the old-fashioned way.